Custom Home Buiders

Building Your Dream Home

Building your brand new home with Native Construction is a seamless process as we are with you every step of the way. Once you select your floorplan and begin the, the building process begins.

Construction usually begins 30-45 days after you sign the Earnest Money Contract. It is, however, subject to potential holdups such as local government approvals, utility availability, construction backlogs, delay in the developer’s delivery of lots, availability of materials and contractors, changes requested by the homebuyer and the degree of difficulty encountered in initiating those changes plus the time for independent inspections. The most frequent cause of delay is usually weather, specifically rain or other poor conditions.

The team at Native Construction will be able to tell you when construction should begin on your home, as well as the average number of days for normal construction in your community. To give you a better idea of the different stages in the process, we’ve created a quick snapshot of the main stages. For more detailed information about the building process and each stage, visit our Building Process page.